Goodbye TV Azteca: After 30 years at Televisa, the gallant of novels becomes a woman and arrives at “Hoy”

Goodbye TV Azteca: After 30 years at Televisa, the gallant of novels becomes a woman and arrives at “Hoy”

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Mexico City.- A famous gallant soap operaswhich debuted a few years ago Aztec television After nearly three decades in the ranks of TVWith this announcement, she shocked all her admirers and fans I would come back woman and that this Wednesday, August 11, would arrive at the forum of the program today. Is about Arath of the Towerinto which will transform again this morning ’ema waxed’the alter ego of Emma Pulido.

The Mexican comedian also joined the ranks of San Ángel in the early ’90s when he entered the center for artistic education (CEA). He began his career with leading roles in melodramas such as dreamer Y friends and rivals but his greatest strength is undoubtedly comedy. This genre allowed him to appear in programs such as The parody, The simulators, the privilege of commanding and the novel A happy family.

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However, although it is close to being fulfilled 30 years On Televisa during the pandemic, Arath hit her hard and revealed he hadn’t done it anymore exclusivity contract his debut on the screen of the company Ajusco. It turns out that the moderator of 47 years accepted the invitation of the famous ‘Cap’ Perez to appear on your show The Resolanabut he only did so via video call as there were still many cases of Covid-19 at the time.

But after this betrayal, the original of Cancun Quintana Rooit was not appeal filed of his company and, on the contrary, they gave him two new and important opportunities in the Canal de Las Estrellas. First they built it into the morning’s driving operation today during the pandemic and they also gave him the task of starring in the new version of dr Candida Perez but it is said that this project turned out to be a failure and that it never raised its rating.

Although audiences on the Hoy program weren’t very happy with De la Torre’s presence on the show, they’ve been cheering him for his presence for several weeks transformation in Ema Pulido. The producer Andrea Rodriguez decided that the husband of Susie Lu would turn into the “Iron Judge” the reality Today the stars are dancing Well, it has become a tradition that the jury of this contest is imitated by the drivers.

Arath mimics ‘Ema Pulido’

The production of the Televisa morning newspaper announced via social media that this Thursday 11th August Arath will again be marked as ’ema waxed’ because she will serve as a judge for the new reality show “Las Quinceañeras de Hoy”. Also see this section ‘Latin kettle’the imitation of the beloved Exluchador Latin lover played by the driver PaulStanley.

“Ema Encerado” returns to “Today”.

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