Goodbye fights!: The company hires “annoying ladies” to make claims for you

Goodbye fights!: The company hires “annoying ladies” to make claims for you

On many occasions, some people give up doing something claim against some bad service because it takes a lot of time or because customer service is usually not very empathetic. A company in the USA has found a solution for this: the company offers to process claims of various types.

The business called Karen’s for Shirehas become known for the particular service that includes complaint letters/emails, rebellion from Twitter, Mediation in conflict resolution and affordable credit repair.

Karens for Shire offers grievance letters/emails, Twitter rebellion and dispute resolution mediation, micro union services and affordable credit repairs. Photo: Karens for Hire/Facebook

What does it mean to be a “Karen”?

The term ‘karen’ is used derisively in the United States to refer to a middle-aged woman “who will do whatever it takes to impose her beliefs and ideals on everyone,” according to the City Dictionary

Hence, Karen’s for Shire He used this term as it refers to a person who genuinely enjoys complaining and protesting.

The slang “Karen” has become popular in memes in the United States. Photo: KnowYourMeme

How much does it cost to rent a “Karen”?

The services of Karen’s for Shire They range from $50 to $75, according to the company’s website. Depending on the medium FoxNewsthe company has received more than 2,300 applications since it was founded in 2022.

One of her customers shared her experience and noted her satisfaction. “My family and I had a terrible experience at one Airbnb. After an unsuccessful complaint, I asked a “Karen” for help and received a partial refund and a voucher for my next stay,” he said.