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Gonzalo Núñez: Ferrari didn’t want to sue me if I apologized publicly, but they did it anyway

Gonzalo Nunez Ferrari didnt want to sue me if I

The journalist commented that he had no regrets apologizing to the university administration. “I did it from the heart, with feeling,” he said.

Following Jean Ferrari’s complaint in recent days, Gonzalo Nuñez He spoke about his show “Erick y Gonzalo” and revealed that he had agreed to a peaceful exit with the university’s administrator. The journalist commented that the cream guide first asked him to apologize publicly, which the Pressure panelist did. But still, Ferrari took legal action against him.

“If you apologize publicly, I won’t complain anymore. I apologized and they still sent me the complaint. I did it from the heart, with feeling and truth. I don’t regret apologizing. Calling him a coward was a bit embarrassing,” he commented on his show.

What did Gonzalo Núñez say to win the lawsuit?

The sportswriter strongly questioned the merengue club’s decision not to support the other Peruvian clubs that signed the statement refusing to play League 1 in 2023 due to the television rights dispute. Also, he was upset with the sudden change of the ‘U’ to play the Peruvian tournament. “He’s a coward and a liar. Coward for turning over like a sock,” he said.

Gonzalo apologized

After the cream leader’s tweet threatening to denounce him, the former “Football in America” ​​host spoke up on “Al Angled” and apologized to Jean Ferrari.

“I was wrong: I had strong, unfortunate words against Jean Ferrari. I want to apologize because I had very harsh words against him. I also included his children and he was right: I was to blame and I acknowledge the guilt here. I hope the problem is solved. I’m sorry Jean and I hope it doesn’t happen again,” he said.