Gonzalez  Landas, the queen of hiking, died after falling into a ravine

Gonzalez Landas, the queen of hiking, died after falling into a ravine

by Lorenzo Nicolao

The 56-year-old American landed in a crevasse more than 200 meters deep. Emergency services were useless and late due to poor weather conditions in Mount Baldy, California

She was 56 years old and had four children, but what made her famous was her mountain tours, which she always shared on social channels. A source of inspiration for many, the American queen of rock climbing and great heights didn’t make it this time: she fell into an icy gorge over 200 meters high. Crystal Paula Gonzalez-Landas was in Mount Baldy, California for a hike in the mountains that dot the landscape of northernmost Los Angeles County.

She died before reaching the hospital, despite the immediate intervention of rescuers, she was at high altitude as usual, walking alone through the snow even at night. Eric Rose, one of the doctors who tried to save her, explained that the adverse weather conditions delayed the ambulance, with minimal visibility and the impossibility of otherwise intervening. Gonzalez-Landas never gave up on an outing, even under extreme conditions. For the hiking queen, it was a challenge in itself.

Motivator 2.0

Gonzalez-Landas did it out of passion, for himself and for others, to show that you should never set limits. She said she never gave up in all her adventures and always did her best as she wrote earlier on Facebook inviting them to enjoy life just like she recommended in her Instagram profile bio. Many followed her for it and for the breathtaking mountain landscapes she shared in every season with or without snow. The same mountain she loved so much this time cost her her life with help she couldn’t save. Too many wounds were treated in the fall.

The memory of the daughter

Jasmine Rosado co-wrote a memoir on her mother’s social accounts with her brothers. On the one hand, they announced that they had set up a fundraiser for funeral expenses through the GoFundMe platform (it seems that they are also going through a difficult moment economically), on the other hand, they shared with fans, like, albeit sometimes carelessly, their mother’s tenacity has always been an inspiration to her. We are devastated by what happened to her – they wrote –. At every opportunity, she was always ready to help, like a ray of light in the dark, without any distinction. Even for us children she was the “dance queen of hiking”. In her we have always found strength, beauty and lots of love.

January 19, 2023 (change January 19, 2023 | 5:17 p.m.)