God of War Ragnarok She completes the game with this

God of War Ragnarok: She completes the game with this unusual object in hand! – Millennium

After performing some completely insane challenges on Elden Ring, MissMikkaa seems to have made God of War Ragnarok her next loot. In the production of FromSoftware, she had achieved the impossible, killing underworld bosses with one hand, then using a dance floor, and finally… in two different ways! So she had the burrowing troll in PLS set to two simultaneous games, one on the controller and the other on the now-legendary dance floor. But after completely shocking the Shardless around the world, she recently turned her attention to the adventures of Kratos. Although the Santa Monica Studios production has already been completed on maximum difficulty, a well-known company presented him with a great challenge…

Defeat Thor with a can of Pringles in your hand

To prove that gluttony and gambling go hand in hand, the Pringles teams contacted Miss Mikkaa to make her an offer Playing God of War Ragnarok with a box of chips in hand. A challenge she gladly accepted. While the streamer already faced the monstrosities of the underworld with just one hand, this time in the latest episode of God of War she had to do it… on maximum difficulty.

Faced with a great challenge, Miss Mikkaa didn’t back down and completely annihilated Thor while having her hand in a box of cheese-flavored Pringles. Of course, sometimes she couldn’t resist the call of the chips, even allowing herself to eat one or two in the middle of a fight. Another great challenge she had to face: the impossibility of scratching her eyes, which remains quite annoying when facing a boss with one hand and… one eye less.

Challenge successful!

Miss Mikkaa can be proud of having brilliantly met the challenge posed by Pringles. While she doesn’t aim to end the game that way, the fact that she’s already defeated the starting bosses of God of War Ragnarök (on max difficulty) is an accomplishment in itself. In the future, the streamer wants to launch more challenges, one crazier than the other. From now on, Its achievements have caught the attention of brands and it is therefore very likely that other companies will want to work with him.

Who knows what challenges await MissMikkaa? In any case, she says she’s ready to meet them all, on Elden Ring or on the latest God of War opus. One thing is for sure, the content creator is far from surprising us all, and now we’re wondering: is there a challenge she can’t handle?