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God help us goodbye Elena Sofia Ricci? " e’s who replaces it"

God help us goodbye Elena Sofia Ricci quot es who

Elena Sofia Ricci says goodbye to God help us, the popular fiction of Rai 1. In the last episode that aired, fans of the series saw his character, Sister Angela, leave forever. The nun therefore said a final goodbye to the Convent of the Guardian Angels of Assisi, which was her home for 13 years, a total of 7 seasons.

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The news of the Tuscan actress’ departure was announced a few months ago. Now one wonders who can ever take his place in the series. He spoke about it Florence Pieri, granted the fan page an interview. The actress explained that her character, sister Teresa, cannot be defined as a real substitute for Nurse Angela’s: ‘It is absolutely no substitute. Sister Angela and Elena Sofia Ricci are irreplaceable places on the show, but I’m not taking his place.”

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According to Pieri, the absolute protagonist of the fiction will now be Azzurra, played by Francesca Chillemi. ÔÇťAzure will take on the role of the absolute protagonist. She will be the lynchpin of the Monastery of the Guardian Angels, to which all the characters will relate. The story is told from her point of view, in the light of her maturing process, which saw her go from being the ruthless girl she started out to being a novice. She will take over from Nurse Angela.” Finally, on her character: “I come in as disturbing element. My academic, harsh, judgmental attitude toward her unconventional nuns will cause Azzurra to have a discreet conflict with me.

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