1667481981 Goals Against A mini series about an own goal that ended

Goals Against: A mini-series about an own goal that ended the life of former soccer player Andrés Escobar is out

Goals Against A mini series about an own goal that ended

The Netflix series Goals Against premiered on November 2nd and follows one of the most tragic stories in Colombian football. This tells the story of former player Andrés Escobar and what the relationship between football players and drug trafficking networks was like.

Escobar’s story could be that of a missed penalty at the 1994 World Cup that knocked Colombia out of the World Cup, but it wasn’t. That goal marked the beginning of threats he received from paramilitary groups to end his life for good.

The event marked the history of Colombia in the 1990s, not only because it fell to the United States in the group stage, but also because it revealed the complicated relationship the coffee team had with the drug trade.

about the series

This series was directed by Camilo Prince and Pablo González, who also directed The Heist of the Century.

It is already available on the Netflix streaming platform and features Juan Pablo Urrego as Andrés Escobar. Loveable characters from the Colombian team like “Pibe” Valderrama and Leonel Álvarez are also played.

Other actors appearing in the miniseries include Colombians John Alex Castillo and Patricia Tamayo.

About Andres Escobar

Better known as the “Caballero”, he made his debut for Atlético Nacional at the age of 20 and two years later he was part of the coffee team.

Before his death, he played in three games as a defender in the starting XI at the 1994 World Cup in the USA.