Go behind the scenes of Janjas outfit for the inauguration

Go behind the scenes of Janja’s outfit for the inauguration Metropoles

This Sunday (January 1st) Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) was sworn in as the new President of Brazil. At his side, Janja Silva shone in a golden suit at the award ceremony. Worn by the First Lady, the piece was signed by the Helo Rocha brand, made by embroiderers from Timbaúba, in the municipality of Rio Grande do Norte. The choice of material used attracted attention due to its complexity.

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With a strong appreciation for national fashion, Janja Silva chose a piece full of meaning for the ceremony. The First Lady ran away from the conventional choice and walked down the ramp of the Planalto Palace in a gold suit.

The fitted blazer had a wavy volume hem at the back and sides. The pants were notable for their fluidity and satin look. The set was specially designed by the Gaúcha Helô Rocha. The woman from Paraná also chose an earring called Pitanga from the Flavia Madeira label.

The embroidery on the blazer was done by embroiderers from Timbaúba in Rio Grande do Norte. The artisans shared the process used to create the piece and the special features it has. “The assembly was totally innovative. We never imagined embroidering straw, but we embraced the idea and carried out several tests before the final result is available,” said the President of the Cooperativa das Mãos Artesanais de Timbaúba dos Batistas, Valdineide Dantas, in an interview with G1.

Janja Lula.  In the photo she wears the look of the inauguration: silk suit  metropolesThe pieces were naturally colored with cashew and rhubarb

Janja wears Helô Rocha's look at Lula's inauguration Janja wears Helô Rocha's look at Lula's inaugurationIt was the first time a first lady wore a suit to the inauguration.

Detslahes written on Janja's look  metropolisesDetails of the look with the date of Lula’s inauguration as President of Brazil

In total, it took around six weeks to get the final result, in addition to the work of five embroiderers. The straw used in the piece comes from Pirangi on the Potiguar coast. The craftsmen from Timbaúba already have a history with Janja, as they were the same ones who embroidered the First Lady’s wedding dress, also designed by Helô Rocha.

For the inauguration, the idea was to create a piece related to the elements of Brazilian nature. “We wanted this golden effect to create a beautiful embroidery result. We are very happy about the recognition of our art. That’s very gratifying,” said a delighted Valdineide. Janja’s look was of course colored with cashew nuts and rhubarb.

Janja wears the look of Helô Rocha at Lula's inaugurationThe embroidery was made in straw

In the color picture Janja in a matching wedding dress  MetrópolesJanja is a strong supporter of national fashion. At her wedding in May 2022, she also wore a model by Helô Rocha with embroidery by artisans from Rio Grande do Norte.

festival look

Janja da Silva didn’t just wear one look. She bet on a second option for the Festival of the Future, an event that brought together several Brazilian artists such as Pabllo Vittar and Duda Beat on the National Congress lawn.

The first lady opted for a skirt, bodysuit and pleated cape with long, twisted sleeves. In a purple shade of blue, the pieces from label Helo Rocha were signed by Rafaella Caniello along with another Brazilian brand, Neriage.

Fluidity is the main feature of the look, sewn by hand, modeling in an organic way on the mannequin. The modelito was also used for reception in Itamaraty.

In the color picture Janja and Lula on the stage of the Festival do Futuro  MetrópolesJanja took a second look for the party

In the color picture Janja and Lula on the stage of the Festival do Futuro  MetrópolesShe entered the stage with the performers

In the picture with color the dress that Janja wore at the inauguration of the President  MetrópolesThe outfit is signed by Helo Rocha and Neriage

A new year begins with auspicious changes for the national scene. The First Lady has already revealed that she intends to use Brazilian fashion as an ally in her work.