Gloria Trevi’s face looks unrecognizable

Gloria Trevi’s face looks unrecognizable

Gloria Trevi is one of them Artist plus controversial of mexican music scene. Born February 15th in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, he has shown an interest in American and British rock music since he was in high school, his main influences being groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Deep Purple and Janis Joplin. among other things. With 14 years won the program of competitionsXE-TU” from Televisa, which earned her a scholarship to study art at the Televisa Training Center. In 1984 he founded the group “painted mouths’, only to eke out a living as a soloist and begin a career full of life meets and also from polemic.

Now the interpreter of “Loose Hair” surprised Internet users seem to be unrecognizable from facewhat has generated several of criticism and even comparisons With Lyn May.

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His infamous facial transformation has been the target of criticism on social media.

You can see that through a video that went viral changes the the gifts the expensive of Singer Mexican. His face looks completely different and no one missed that. In this material, in which the artist gives an interview, she introduces herself notorious changes, mainly in the eyes. Users assure that he passed his hand with the Botoxthat makes the eyelids Y Eyes look different, smaller than normal.

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Gloria Trevi, before she had that many surgeries.

The “You Didn’t Want To Hurt Me” performer was captured during the Starlit festival in Spain, where she was joined by singer Mónica Naranjo, with whom she makes joint presentations. On the other hand, user of social networks assure that it was not just applied Botox more if not that it could have as well submitted to one apartment from threads turnbuckles.

The small eyes not only caught the attention of the fans, they also made sure that the expensive of the artist seem to be plus stretched out in some parts, prompting a range of comments. “Go to sleep or Gloria Trevi comes out with Botox”, “Does she have her eyelids on her head?”, “Gloria Trevi also goes with the surgeon of Alejandra Guzmán, Lin May and Ninel Conde?”, Some netizens wrote .

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While others compared her facial arrangements to Elba Esther Gordillo’s, some pointed out that Gloria Trevi can’t even blink.