Gloria Trevi BREAKS the silence at the change in her FACE and explodes at the teases

Gloria Trevi BREAKS the silence at the change in her FACE and explodes at the teases

They say that you have to be careful what you upload to the internet, especially if you are a media person; It appears that Gloria Trevi he ignored this. A few days ago, the singer was criticized for her facial expression, now the actress is too breaks the Be silent about him change in his face Y explodes against the teasing from different users of social networks.

Everything happened because of a video in which the singer looks very different from what she shows on Instagram. Because of this, netizens started creating memes assuring that she had overdone it with botox and cosmetic surgery; after all this criticism Gloria Trevi He decided interruption the Be silent of this teasingwhich makes those who started it jealous of him.

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And it is this change in his face It’s very different from what she shows on social media from what she sees in person, hence the meme comparing “your profile picture vs. when you meet her in person.” That made Gloria Trevi will explode against all these teasingin response to the publication uploaded to an entertainment site.

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“You wish if envy only makes you stupid for it,” so it was Gloria Trevi resisted it teasing Y breaks the Be silent Regarding what you said face, assured that his face is perfect and that what he said was because people are jealous of him. After the memes, several of her fans came out to defend her, arguing that she was perfect.

And if that wasn’t enough Gloria Trevi didn’t want to keep that bad taste in terms of mouth change from his face He’s uploading some new photos to his Instagram where he’s looking more spectacular than ever and sporting a perfect face. Several personalities and fans have filled her with positive comments praising the beauty and perfection that the singer possesses.