Gloria Marias heirs grew into beautiful girls

Gloria Maria’s heirs grew into beautiful girls

The journalist has teenage daughters who are striking for their beauty

The journalist Gloria MariaShe posted some photos from her birthday party, where she appeared alongside her beautiful daughters and the celebrity Narcissa. In the clicks, she showed that she was having a lot of fun celebrating another year of life.

She is the mother of Laura Matta da Silva and Maria Matta da Silva and occasionally appears in photos with the heiresses. During one of those appearances, the presenter vented about the difficulties she’s having posing with her daughters.

She then wrote in the caption of the rare click: “It’s really hard to get a photo with my daughters now… They think it’s ridiculous but sometimes I do! My dears,” said Glória Maria.

Finally, in the comments, followers repeated the click: “Adolescence … but watch out for Glorinha,” said one netizen. “Beautiful,” said other followers.

See photos of the girls below!

Glória Maria, who hasn’t been on the air for months, gushed about battling a tumor: ‘It would kill me in 15 days’

Journalist Gloria Maria

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Glória Maria went through a very delicate situation (Photo: AgNews)

Glória Maria had an affair with an important name at the helm of Globo and the relationship was kept secret for years

WhatsAppImage20221109at17.02.57Glória Maria and her daughters (Photo: Reproduction)
The daughters of Gloria Maria attract attention with their exuberant beautyDaughters of Gloria Maria draw attention to their exuberant beauty (Photo: Reproduction)
Glória Maria and her daughters (Photo: Reproduction)Glória Maria and her daughters (Photo: Reproduction)
WhatsAppImage20220912at23.50.27Daughters of Gloria Maria (reproduction)


In 2019, journalist Glória Maria received news that she had a brain tumor and was experiencing a terrible nightmare. She soon had to have an operation.

As soon as she discovered the disease, she left Globo and focused on her health. As she battled cancer, she had to face a different situation and experienced a nightmare watching her family fight for the inheritance.

The incident happened while the journalist was recovering from head surgery. “I started seeing the masks fall off one by one. People I thought were on my side aren’t. And others I never imagined were ready to help. People in my family have asked, ‘Who manages Gloria’s fortune? She’s incompetent with money,” she said.

Gloria Maria (Photo: Disclosure)Gloria Maria (Photo: Disclosure)

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