"global warming not understood": Reviews of Macron’s jet ski trip

"global warming not understood": Reviews of Macron’s jet ski trip

The opposition accuses the French head of state of underestimating the climate crisis.

Because of his holiday activities, French head of state Emmanuel Macron has been criticized by the opposition as a climate sinner. A jet ski trip by the president confirms the “persistent impression” that Macron “does not understand global warming”, tweeted lawmaker Sandrine Rousseau of the green Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) party on Tuesday. “And today it is criminal not to understand them.”

Tabloids published photos of Macron showing him, as in 2020, on a jet ski and on a canoe trip near Fort de Brégançon. The fortress on the Mediterranean coast between Toulon and Saint-Tropez is the French president’s summer residence.

EELV chief Julien Bayou told the AFP news agency that Macron’s canoe trip was a “distraction” to make people forget his government’s “inaction” on climate change. It is very transparent to switch from jet skis to canoes and present it as an “effort at frugality”.

“When do they act?” Bayou asked. The High Council’s climate expert panel asked for a match, “and does he change from jet skis to canoes?” added the Greens leader, looking at the head of state. At the request of the AFP news agency, the Élysée Palace declined to comment on the criticism.