Global support for the Brazilian President amid an attempted coup.webp

Global support for the Brazilian President amid an attempted coup continues

“To get an idea of ​​the gravity of the events, there were at least three unactivated grenades in the Supreme Court premises at the time,” Rodrigues told Brazilian television channel CNN after visiting the sites of the attacks to see how the buildings were .

According to the parliamentarian, two more of these war machines were also found in the National Congress.

He specified that after receiving the current President of the National Congress, Senator Venesiano Vital do Rego, they visited the site to see the destruction. “In addition to the squandering of public wealth, there has been theft of parts of the Brazilian state,” he said.

He affirmed that after the violent invasion, he went to the Planalto Palace, the seat of executive power, and saw a picture of the devastation.

“Artwork by Portinari, Di Cavalcante, a clock given to Dom João VI by European kings more than 230 years old have been destroyed,” he lamented.

He warned that the role of the National Congress and all Democrats at this moment is to seek objective and subjective blame for Sunday’s terrorist attacks.

“This date will go down in history as a day of shame. It was not just an attack on the buildings of the National Congress, the Brazilian Supreme Court and the Planalto Palace, it was an attack on democracy,” he stressed.

During the day, the chief minister of the Presidency’s Secretariat for Social Communications (Secom), Paulo Pimenta, said that extremists’ access to the esplanade of the ministries in Brasilia had been facilitated and that the group of extremists robbed the at least nine shock weapons of the Office for Institutional Security (GSI).

“The access of these people to the Esplanade was facilitated because there was an agreement that these people would not reach the Esplanade, that these people would not reach the headquarters of the powers that be,” he said.

Pimenta estimates that this could not happen without some level of engagement or collusion on the part of the authorities.

Regarding the damage caused by the Bolsonaro vandals (Bolsonaro supporters), Secom’s chief minister stated that the expertise is still being carried out, but that the stolen weapons and the extremists have already been identified.

“Apparently an inventory is being taken, artwork that may have disappeared, documents, hard drives, weapons stolen from GSI space… At least nine boxes were left empty,” he noted.