Gkay releases Textão after missing the networks for a month: “Looking for development   Splash

Gkay releases Textão after missing the networks for a month: “Looking for development Splash

Comedian and influencer Gkay, stage name Gessica Kayane, returned to social media after a period of almost a month of being apart with a text about what’s in store for her in the new year. Kayane isolated himself after being the target of jokes from comedian Fábio Porchat.

In her Instagram post, the influencer wrote that she is taking this disappearance to reflect and is starting “this new year” in this way. Gkay also explains that his focus is on living “an emotional and behavioral change.”

“During this period of isolation, when a whirlwind of situations and emotions permeated my life, one of the feelings that made me think the most was sadness, and I took this whole moment to reflect on everything and start this new year , which is my focus is actually experiencing an emotional and behavioral change,” the comedian said.

Explaining that this was a “major turning point” in his life, Gkay also wrote that he felt that this turbulent period, or in his words “a painful storm”, was necessary and that everything worked out.

What happened to Gkay?

Late last year, in a speech at the Best of the Year Awards, comedian Fábio Porchat joked with Gkay that Jô Soares would have preferred to “leave us” rather than interview the influencer referring to the clumsiness interview that Kayane had on the program, by Tata Werneck.

In response, the influencer explained, “I don’t know what I did to make people hate me so much” and that the joke ruined her Christmas. At the same time, Gkay felt ill and was taken to the hospital a moment that for many correlated with what was happening.

For his part, Porchat didn’t apologize for the joke, saying, “When we’re in the spotlight, we joke, we make fun of others and I made fun of you.”

“There is nothing aggressive, there is nothing, absolutely nothing. What there is is the accumulation of many things and nobody knew that Gkay was going to explode in this well,” Porchat said in a video about the controversy.