Giulia Salemi sensual dark lady 2023 starts the GF Vip

Giulia Salemi sensual dark lady: 2023 starts the “GF Vip” in the name of style

2023 opened in a tumultuous fashion inside the Casa del GF VIP 7 between quarrels and discussions, even during the first evening episode of the year, which, frankly, were not edifying at all. Luckily she was in the middle of this senseless commotion, Julia Salem, the “voice of social media” that never falls short when it comes to looks. And the one on Monday, January 2nd won us over at first sight: one sensual dark lady reminiscent of the iconic Morticia Addams.

Giulia Salemi sensual dark lady looking at the “GF Vip”

Giulia Salemi during the first episode 2023 from GF Vip was like a ray of sunshine in the midst of the thickest fog. Because we know there’s never a shortage of discussion or misunderstanding on Canale 5’s reality show, but what went on stage wasn’t exactly an uplifting show. In short, no pleasant moments.

But in the end the winner triumphed sensational look of the influencer and queen of social networks, always on hand and never banal with her measured and very focused comments. Giulia Salemi showed that simplicity always pays off, even when we have to choose one Set for a special evening. And that black is by far the main color you can’t go wrong with!

And here she is in her all black long dress, a gorgeous mermaid model with a little train reminiscent of a contemporary Morticia Addams, a character who is back in fashion thanks in part to the Netflix series starring Jenna Ortega. Simple lines made special by the geometric cut on the décolleté, giving the look that gothic vibe we love so much.

Giulia Salemi’s flawless beauty look at “GF Vip”

If Giulia Salemi’s look was great, surely everything else was no less. Start with very trendy high ponytail, perfect for highlighting facial features and big dark eyes. And speaking of eyes, it couldn’t be missing: lo smoking eyes. With a flawless mix of black eyeliner and dark shaded eye shadow, combined with a nude lipstick, Salemi managed to create the perfect beauty look especially for Mediterranean women.

Red manicure (which is very New Year’s Eve) and two small diamonds in the ears and here we are treated to an absolute look to copy for special occasions.

The success of Giulia Salemi, true revelation of the “GF Vip”

There’s no arguing about her looks, but when it comes to her mouth, the gorgeous Giulia Salemi is no joke either. The influencer is the prime example of how beauty and intelligence are two worlds that can easily coexist: Giulia manages to do so in every episode of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini bring the world of social media into the homes of Italiansexplaining it with great class and simplicity, managing to reach even those who don’t “chew” it on a daily basis.

The beautiful and talented Giulia Salemi is undoubtedly the true revelation of this GF Vip 7. And we are sure that it will be an excellent springboard for this 29-year-old young woman take flight and make all their dreams come true.