Giulia Salemi in Sanremo and new TV show: Amadeus hit Signorini?     TV for everyone

Giulia Salemi in Sanremo and new TV show: Amadeus hit Signorini? TV for everyone

The Italian-Persian influencer Julia Salem could be one Guests of Sanremo 2023, airing on Rai 1 from next February. According to the rumors of the magazine “Diva e Donna” he should have been the landlord amadeus to demand the intervention of the former model on the prestigious Ariston stage. Like the co-moderators expected on the evenings, Salemi will also bring an important theme to the festival, namely the Status of women in Iranwhich has been very critical lately due to the Iranian government’s religious repression that erupted after the assassination of Mahsa Amini.

For the time being, however, this event has not yet had the official character, also because Salemi is one of the permanent faces GF VIP 7, where he takes care of reading the comments from the social networks during the live broadcast. In fact, Mediaset has announced its intention not to change the schedules related to the week of the festival. Should Salemi’s presence in Sanremo be confirmed, it would be a real blow from Amadeus to Signorini and Big Brother will surely emerge ‘broken bones’.

Giulia Salemi and the new TV program: where will it lead?

According to reports in the weekly newspaper “Vero”, another great opportunity would arise for Giulia Salemi: the management of a new one game show shipment to Italy one starting with the spring television season. For Giulia it would therefore be an unmissable opportunity to show her talent, even if it is not the first time that she is at the helm of a program.

Last year, together with the “hyena” Niccolò De Divitiis, she directed the 52nd Giffoni Film Festival, broadcast on Italia 1. Here Salemi, live from the city of Campania, announced the various musical guests on stage in the evenings. He has also hosted the talk show since last year Salemi Lounge on La 5aired late in the evening.

Giulia Salemi and Pretelli: no marriage at least for the time being

The influencer is currently experiencing a peak in his TV career, as is his partner, the former “velino” and host of the Gf Vip Party Pier Paolo Pretelli. The two had until recently reaffirmed their willingness to marry soon and start a family. However, through an interview in Chi magazine, both seem to have retrace their steps and put an end to all the rumors circulating on the internet. For now, the “withdrawals” are about having a certain stability and establishing yourself in the work.