Giulia Salemi fears for her Pierpaolo Pretelli: Soleil is to blame!

Giulia Salemi fears for her Pierpaolo Pretelli: Soleil is to blame!

Rumor has it that Giulia Salemi is experiencing hours of great anxiety and uncertainty, stirred up by the menacing figure of Soleil Sorge.

insecurity of love, we could define it like this. And obviously her boyfriend had something to do with it Pierpaolo Pretelli. This is whispered from many quarters Julia Salemi demanded from Pierpaolo a certain formal distance to the new colleague Soleil rises.

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In fact, Pierpaolo and Soleil will lead the segment together GF VIP party on Mediaset Infinity, and therefore many months will pass a close contact.

Giulia fears Soleil, although Sorge is currently engaged to the Sicilian entrepreneur Carlo Domingo. Perhaps you have understood that your Los Angeles-born model is not completely indifferent to your Pierpaolo? Or do you think Soleil doesn’t know how to respect established romantic relationships?

Third Hypothesis: It’s all a game, a way Giulia has devised to get noticed (and heard) from the show despite her absence.

It’s far more likely that Giulia Salemi’s concern was only felt by herself hardcore fans. Or should we really believe that the person directly affected has a valid reason for the need? Giulia has never commented on the subject on social media…

Giulia Salemi warns Soleil: stay away from Pierpaolo

The GF Vip Party format, broadcast on Mediaset Infinity, follows the entire evolution of the seventh edition of the reality show Canale 5. And Giulia will have two reasons to follow her. First to control Pierpaolo Pretelli and then to observe mummy, Fariba Tehraniwho will be in the cast.

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Here, on the other hand, we can lend a hand: Giulia’s mother will give us many pleasures and many topics of conversation during her stay in the house. It will be one of the stars of the reality show he is leading Alfonso Signorini (which will be joined this year by his two commentators, Sonia Bruganelli and Sonia Bruganelli Orietta Bertie). bet?

And we are convinced that Giulia is more concerned at the moment Behavior of the unpredictable Fariba than that of worry.

In any case, the weekly Nuovo TV speculates that Pierpaolo Pretelli would give in for even a moment sensuality by Soleil Worried Giulia Salemi wouldn’t let him go home. And she would never marry him again!

Despite all the rumours, Giulia and Pierpaolo appear to be Lover and happy: They trust each other and know that the work is important to both of them. So it’s hard to believe that Salemi can somehow limit her partner in her new TV adventure. The most cynical hope that a triangle to clap. But that won’t be the case.