1676330296 Giulia Salemi at GF Vip Pierpaolo Pretelli and I are

Giulia Salemi at GF Vip: “Pierpaolo Pretelli and I are going through a time of crisis”

At the beginning of the February 13 episode of GF Vip, Giulia Salemi revealed that she was experiencing a moment of crisis in her story with Pierpaolo Pretelli: “We understand where our story is going”.

Giulia Salemi at GF Vip Pierpaolo Pretelli and I are

The February 13 episode Big Brother VIP, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, opened with an affair of the heart. The protagonist was Julia Salemi, social commentator in the studio who spoke to about his relationship situation Pier Paolo Pretelli.

The crisis between Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli

In the last few hours, rumors of an alleged crisis among the Prelemi have been circulating on social media. And so, at the start of the episode, Signorini wanted to know more and asked his “social media readers”: “Is it true that you’re not together anymore?” Giulia Salemi, at the center of the study and tearful for the situation, answered quite honestly:

I want to be honest we are experiencing a moment of crisis as is happening to several 30 year old couples but there are no third parties involved and nothing has flown flat. We’re trying to figure out where our story is going, I hope that doesn’t happen.

This is how the Prelemi for Valentine’s Day will go

Given the moment of crisis the couple is facing, Signorini asked the influencer how she and Pierpaolo will endure Saint Valentine. Giulia Salemi then replied: “We will spend it with you tomorrow in Naples”. Then the conductor himself added: “Me and Prelemi will be in Naples to spend Valentine’s Day together”. Fanpage.it learns that the reason all three will be in the same city will be work-related, an initiation.