Giulia De Lellis Beretta and Damante the gesture that leaves

Giulia De Lellis, Beretta and Damante: the gesture that leaves no doubt

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Are Giulia De Lellis and Carlo Beretta still together or have they broken up? In the past few days, the influencer from Pomezia has again become the focus of gossip news due to an alleged crisis with the scion. The two have not been seen together for days and the former suitor men and women she didn’t show up at her mother-in-law’s birthday party. She also flew to the United States to attend the Super Bowl without her boyfriend.

There was talk of a split between Giulia De Lellis and Carlo Beretta and to further complicate the situation, there was an Instagram story where the 27-year-old shared a song by one of the most romantic external with Andrea Damante, her famous ex-boyfriend. Apparently only a hope of the fans, because for Giulietta the Verona DJ is only a distant memory.

And on Valentine’s Day, De Lellis clarified: her love affair with Carlo Beretta continues at full speed. On Tuesday, February 14, Giulia posted a photo alongside her significant other, who she has been linked to for over two years. A clear gesture that finally silences all rumours.

The couple lives in Milan and the ex Competitor of Big Brother Vip She has never hidden her desire to start a family with Carlo, who has never hesitated in finding the right man. There are no short-term projects at the moment, but the desire to move forward together is great.

Andrea Damante, who has come to rest together with the actress, is also happily single Elisa Visari. Unlike Giulia De Lellis, however, the two didn’t want to post anything romantic on their accounts on Valentine’s Day.

What is certain is that a third flashback between Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis seems more unlikely than ever today. To all damellis fans, who dreamed so much of this love story on TV, only a bitter taste remains in their mouths…