1676427857 Giulia De Lellis at the Superbowl but with a head

Giulia De Lellis at the Superbowl, but with a head to Andrea Damante what happened

Nostalgic video of Giulia De Lellis suggesting she’s thinking about her ex-boyfriend Andrea Damante. Meanwhile, there seems to be a crisis with current boyfriend Carlo Beretta.

Giulia De Lellis at the Superbowl but with a head

A video was enough Julia Dellis to rekindle the hopes of the “damellis”, who have always been addicted to the love story between the Roman influencer and nostalgic Andrew Damante. Especially in the days when rumors of a separation between Giulia and her boyfriend Carlo Beretta are circulating, the influencer makes a gesture that could suggest a certain nostalgia for her ex-partner.

“Stay” is the song from the last outdoor with Andrea Damante”

Due to a commercial collaboration, Giulia flew to the United States to take part in the Superbowl and in particular the Halftime, where Rihanna starred. On the notes of “Stay,” one of the pop star’s hits, De Lellis seems to have had a moment of nostalgia. “This song,” he wrote in an Instagram story as he tucked his face under the hood of a sweatshirt with a thoughtful expression. One detail caught the fans’ attention right away: “Stay” is the very song De Lellis dedicated to Damante during their last away game before they settled on Men and Women years ago. Choice most remembered by the public in the history of the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Giulia De Lellis is absent from Carlo Beretta’s mother’s birthday

To trick fans into hypothesizing ongoing crisis with Beretta It wasn’t just the lack of recent videos and couple photos. Another detail sparked the gossip: Giulia was not among those present at the party organized for the party Carlo’s mother’s birthday. An absence that could be related to professional problems, perhaps even to the trip to the United States. But Giulia has never publicly congratulated her partner’s mother. Now comes the song: what’s going on between De Lellis and Beretta? And could Damante play a role in this eventual estrangement?