Gisele Bundchens exhusband Tom Brady posts a loving moment with

Gisele Bundchen’s exhusband, Tom Brady, posts a loving moment with his son and is criticized online. Looks!

The photo, intended to capture the fatherson moment, eventually drew criticism from netizens. Cash!

Gisele Bundchen's exhusband, Tom Brady, has been criticized after controversial photo with son.

Gisele Bundchen’s exhusband, Tom Brady, has been criticized after controversial photo with son.

Photo: Getty Images / Purepeople

Gisele Bundchen’s exhusband, Tom Brady posted a loving photo with Benjamin, 13, on social media, and the click had negative repercussions as many questioned the fatherson moment. Recently, the teenager was spotted arriving with his mother in Brazil, where the model was fulfilling work commitments.

In the picture, Tom appears to give the heir a kiss on the cheek, also shows the pair’s legs near a pool and reveals that the boy was sitting on his lap. It wasn’t long before the web caused controversy over the particular record. “Not for nothing, but it got a little bad,” said one.

Netizens come to Tom Brady’s defense

On the other hand, many fans came to defend Tom Brady. “The people who criticize are the same people that the father went to buy cigarettes and never came back,” shot one. “At least he’s a current father. And most kids who don’t even have a father have one, but he’s not even registered at the registry office,” added another. “People aren’t used to healthy relationships,” said a third. “I worry for those who see the evil in a healthy fatherson relationship,” said one. “The people who criticize never had a loving father. That’s it!” rated one. “Evil is in the beholder, period,” agreed another. “That’s why the world is like this, people question everything,” emphasized one user. …

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