Girls spank 14  year  olds at train station    no one helps

Girls spank 14 year olds at train station no one helps

Updated on 01/18/2023 11:58 am

  • In Rastatt, in Baden-Württemberg, two girls beat up a 14-year-old teenager at the train station.
  • The victim was seriously injured by kicks to the head and body and required hospital care.
  • Police are also investigating the lack of assistance because none of the surrounding witnesses intervened.

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Two girls brutally beat a 14-year-old boy at the Rastatt train station and seriously injure him. It was still unclear as of Wednesday morning how the victim was doing. Police only became aware of the crime last Saturday night, on Monday, after a video of it circulated on social media.

The disturbing footage shows the 14-year-old girl being pushed to the ground and the two girls hitting her and kicking her in the head and body repeatedly. According to police, the attackers injured the girl so badly that the 14-year-old had to be hospitalized.

The two alleged perpetrators have already been identified. You should expect criminal charges for dangerous bodily harm. Both the victim and the suspect are already known to the police.

Witnesses did not come to the girl’s aid

According to the police, neither the witnesses from the surroundings nor the passengers of the trains at the station tried to intervene and help the girl. Nobody called the police either. Instead, the incident was filmed and shared on social media.

Police are evaluating the recordings and determining, among other things, whether assistance has been failed or whether the personal rights of the people depicted have been violated, the statement said.

In the days before the Rastatt railway station attack, the girls had already clashed in Gaggenau (Rastatt district) and Bietigheim. There were also teasing, disputes and physical altercations. © dpa