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Giovanni later There is mail for you, forgive Adele: “I found the courage to approach my mother”

After the episode of You’ve Got Mail aired on January 14, Adele and Giovanni got back together. The boy decided to give his mother a second chance: “After a long time I found the courage to approach my mother again.”

Giovanni later There is mail for you forgive Adele I

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Some time after recording the episode of It’s mail gone for you aired January 14 mother Adele it is his son John yes I am Find yourself. The boy had initially decided to close the envelope and not give the woman he hadn’t seen in years since he left his father a second chance.

“My life was completed with you,” Mother Adele is again very close to Giovanni

As indicated in the social profile of C’è Posta per te, Adele and Giovanni are reunited following the taping of the episode shown to viewers on Saturday January 14th. A reconciliation accompanied by two photos together, sanctioning the newfound peace and desire to rebuild a relationship on both sides. “The best moment is in your arms… My little big man… With you my life is completeI’m over the moon,” said Ms. Adele. And Giovanni also found the strength to take a step towards his mother: “After a long time I found the courage to talk to me again again To my mother.”

The story of Adele and Giovanni in You’ve Got Mail

After leaving her husband, Adele never had the chance to see her children, especially Giovanni, who tells her to go back with their father or he will never speak to her again. “When I talk to my son, he tells me that he will only talk to me if I go back with his father,” the woman explained of her relationship with the boy.

The story of Rossella and Annamaria also moves Luca Argentero: “Don’t feel guilty”

However, the latter, despite his mother’s tears and Maria De Filippi’s advice, decides not to open the envelope of You’ve Got Mail and therefore does not forgive her. He then explains the reason for his cold and distant demeanor: “You don’t win back a son with flowers, but with deeds. I feel nothing for my mother. If she loved me, she didn’t tell my paternal grandmother, tell Giovanni because I died”