Giovanna Mezzogiorno: “Now no more lies and bad things about me”

Giovanna Mezzogiorno: “Now no more lies and bad things about me”

by Maria Teresa Veneziani

The actress’s outburst: «There was a time when I got fat and then. Who cares. Now all I seek is serenity and justice against evil

Giovanna Mezzogiorno’s talent is unquestionable. The 47-year-old actress returns to the 79th Venice International Film Festival in the role of viola in the film Amanda, Carolina Cavalli’s first work, starring Benedetta Porcaroli and Galatea Bellugi (opening October 13 and attending the Toronto Film Festival ). ). Giovanna is beautiful as always. But she is forced to explain herself, to seek composure and to defend herself against “painful rumours”. Recently her life has changed, she broke up with her husband Alessio Frugolo, met on the set of the film Vincere, where he worked as a train driver, and with whom she had two twin children, Leone and Zeno. There had been talk of a possible crisis between the two for some time, but until now she had preferred to remain silent and only talk about her work. Now she’s the one who comes out and explains what made her decide to put her career on hold for a while, a decision that had helped spread negative and painful rumors about her, as the actress did in the interview published in Oggi entrusted ( at the kiosk).

Born November 1974 in Rome, Zodiac sign Scorpio, daughter of the actor Vittorio Mezzogiorno, who died at the age of 19, and the actress Cecilia Sacchi, who also died a few years later, Giovanna played in her 25-year career in “Love”. in the time of cholera”, “Naples veiled” and “The animal in the heart”. It was out of sight for some time. «I’ve had twins, I’ve dedicated myself to them, I’ve said it, but it’s never enough – unleashes the actress –. When I work less, urban legends start: They say I’m sick, I do drugs, I drink, I take psychotropic drugs, at some point I’ll mug up too. There are also comments about my body ».

voices that hurt

Also attacks on her physical appearance with titles like “She is so beautiful what happened to her?”. Like a true Scorpio, Giovanna closes the question. She has changed, thin, thin: «There was a time when I got fat, so what? He’s a colossal who takes care of it. Am I different today? I’ve been careful what I eat, exercise no I’m lazy. But still: who cares? What counts is that I do my job well, I always put everything into it.”

Now, he says, he’s happy when he wakes the boys up in the morning with a kiss. Now look for rest. And fair to what is said about me. Bad is hard to accept. I’ve never been bad.’

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