Giovanna Ewbank shows off her baby with puppies on her farm

Giovanna Ewbank shows off her baby with puppies on her farm

Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso enchant by showing off their youngest son’s gift

The actress Giovanna Ewbank posted a super cute record of the kids at the family ranch. The famous is married to the actor Bruno Gagliasso. Together they are the proud parents of three children.

Their eldest daughter, Chissomo, better known as Titi, is nine years old. The middle child, Blessings, or Bless as he is known, is seven years old. The youngest Zyan, affectionately called Baby Z, just turned two years old.

The couple used a few days off for a family outing. They landed on Portuguese land. On this occasion, the famous fathers took the heirs on an exciting ride to a dinosaur park. Baby Z loved the little visit as he has a passion for the prehistoric universe.

After the days off, the couple resumed their routine in Brazil. Bruno and Gio are known in the art world for their beautiful properties. In addition to a beautiful property in Fernando de Noronha, the family owns a beautiful country house. The place that deserves the name Rancho da Montanha houses an oasis in the middle of the vegetation.

In this week, Giovanna Ewbank surprised fans by sharing an adorable video of little Zyan. The famous presented the heir with a couple of chicks. In the pictures, the little boy can be seen running happily to his father while showing the gift he brought the boy.

In the caption for the publication, Gio opens up about his youngest son’s excitement at seeing the puppies. “Finally Baby Z got her beloved chicks!!! And it seems he’s very happy and excited about the new residents of Rancho da Montanha, doesn’t it?” Giovanna Ewbank celebrates the arrival of the little animals.

In the comments, the boy’s cuteness caught the attention of fans and family friends. Actor Júlio Rocha commented: “How much cuteness in one video”. Actress Fiorella Matheis praised: “What love.” And another enthusiastic follower wrote: “Guys he’s not scared.”

Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso release a snap of their son Zyan, 2, and enchant

Reproduction Instagram Children of Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso emerge in the family snot and show off a gift

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