Giovanna Abate reveals she rejected both Sammy and David after the throne

Giovanna Abate reveals she rejected both Sammy and David after the throne

few hours ago Giovanni Abateformer Tronista of Men and women, answered some anonymous questions sent to her through the now-famous Instagram box. The former face of the dating show from Maria DeFilippi she practically forgot nobody!

He answered that Giulio Raselli:

My opinion of him hasn’t changed much since the end of the throne. I had read that he wasted no time in judging the whys and hows of the end of my relationship Sammy, points so much to change the finger against it! Now, as then, I think it will give it the time it finds.

Another user asked Giovanni Abate if you still hear it Cecilia Zagarrigo and with whom she remained in relationship after her throne:

Of course I feel it. I consider her one of my best friends and can’t wait to meet the princess of the house. From my throne, apart from a few messages with someone, little and nothing.

As for her love life, after her experience with both men and women, she hasn’t had any more relationships:

That’s right, I had no more relationships, just a few acquaintances. If I don’t share it, it’s because I’m not 100% sure at all. When that will be, I assure you, you will be the first to know!

On Akash:

If you know him like I know him, how are you going to advertise badly? Akash? There really is so much good today! Our relationship is roller coaster style, moments of ups and moments of downs. Now we’re on an upswing, we love each other and I’d almost say friends.

Asked if he revised more Sammy:

Yes, he has appeared several times this winter. We had arranged to meet for a coffee, it didn’t work. Maybe…

Giovanni Abate Would you try again with an ex?

no not true

What is your relationship with Will behis former companion on the throne:

We all vacationed together in Ibiza after the throne, where we got to know each other better! From then on we got a bit lost, but basically I have a good relationship with everyone, including her!

Does the former Tronista have any ongoing acquaintances?

Sincerely, sincerely? I didn’t get it either!

Did you watch the Alchemist after Men and Women instead?

Yes, after finding out the famous blue roses were his. We talked, we met and we went out to eat… he’s really a nice guy and I wish him all the best!

A user also asked her if she knew i Basciagoni:

I don’t know personally Sophia, but ale yes. We have a mutual friends bar here in Rome where we used to meet up a lot! Boy in good company, very sunny, I hope he stays the way I knew him!

Another fan was curious about whether you need to have skills to participate in U&D:

But what knowledge! Speaking to you from personal experience, my cousin emailed me without my knowledge saying I’m looking for love and posted a photo of me and my phone number.

The editors contact me. I was shocked, I thought it was a joke, a show I’d always watched but never thought I’d go to in person.

A thousand seconds of thoughts, in the end I decide to go to the audition. And you know the rest!