Giorgio Manetti quotim ready to go backquot and shoot zero

Giorgio Manetti: "i’m ready to go back" and shoot zero against Gemma Galgani

Tuscan seagull is ready to return to Men and Women dating show with a poisoned tooth against his ex-girlfriend Gemma Galgani.

George Manetti would be ready for the return of the dating show from Men and women. It was he who revealed her, the Tuscan seagull, a well-known former knight of the parterre of the Over program in which he became engaged to the historic Turin dame Gemma Galgani. A few years after his departure George I’d love to come back in Maria De Filippi’s dating show although it would have posed an apparent problem:

“Back to men and women? Instinctively yes, and I would do it to say to everyone: “Let’s start talking about serious things”. The problem is I’m wondering which of the people in the studio can do it, because from what they’re showing on TV I don’t think any of them can,” he said. manetti to the new television.

But that’s not all, because the magazine directs Riccardo Signoretti, The 66-year-old Tuscan would still return with a poisoned tooth against the Galganiwhose conduct, according to the former knight, would be “scandalous”.

“Gemma should be the stylish woman she says she is and demonstrate it not only in words but in deeds too! Dancing with her skirt in the wind or washing a car by wiping the sponge on her body are attitudes that frankly don’t suit a woman his age. It’s a scandal, you can’t behave like that. I think it would be better to keep some dignity.

George also showed that next to return to men and womenalso likes to take partIsland of the Famous.

“Yes, I would go to L’Isola dei Famosi, but maybe they don’t want me. For the time being, I wasn’t even given the opportunity to be cast. I would have preferred a no to this silence. I like the program and I think it would also be a good challenge to take on. – continued the ex-knight – I think I’d be a lonely castaway like Raz Degan years ago. He was great and I really enjoyed it. I think he made a perfect journey.

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