Giorgia Soleri challenges Instagram and posts a topless photo that

Giorgia Soleri challenges Instagram and posts a topless photo that was censored

by Redazione Spettacoli

The author and influencer didn’t accept the choice of the algorithm that obscured one of her shots on the beach: “They told me I was a digital whore.”

Giorgia Soleri vs. Instagram. The writer and influencer, girlfriend of Damiano David of the Maneskin, has decided to challenge the rules of the social network – on which it is also very popular: 651,000 followers – by reposting a photo that has been censored. The picture shows her lying on a sun lounger on the beach, topless but with her hands covering her nipples. A photo that was soon removed from the social network’s algorithm, which blocked the content of the story on the grounds that it “violated adult recruitment guidelines.”

The replica

She herself recounted what happened, again through the social network: “Then on Instagram you keep discovering new things: Today I discovered that in a photo where my breasts are covered, however, I started to adore adults . How are you? Adesco adults ». And then he said wryly: «There is Chiara Ferragni, who is a digital entrepreneur, and I, a digital whore. You spotted me, with a photo with your tits covered ». Eventually, he decided to repost the photo with the caption: “Instagram I’m Capricorn we can go on forever.”

July 5, 2022 (change July 5, 2022 | 10:28)