Giorgia Rossi is the queen of the swimming pool: the swimsuit cannot contain it

Giorgia Rossi is the queen of the swimming pool: the swimsuit cannot contain it

Giorgia Rossi is officially the queen of summer. It could not be otherwise stated that his shots confirm this. The ‘Dazn’ journalist shows all her followers her extraordinary qualities and more: what a show

Of course, this is by no means the first time something like this has happened, but we can confirm with great certainty that this time it’s definitely outdated. She enjoys these days of total relaxation with friends before returning to work. The photos he decided to post on his Instagram account are having a success that he most likely expected. Seeing is believing. Georgia RossiGiorgia Rossi (Screenshot Instagram Photo)

Giorgia Rossi from Tuscany is everything: she is the queen of summer

At least for now, the scepter has to be handed over directly to the 35-year-old, who is truly enchanting all of her fans with the latest photos published on Instagram. To say the least, the Roman native is amazing and never ceases to enchant her followers. As previously reported, this is by no means the first time, but this time it definitely left us all speechless. On the other hand, what can you say when you have such a beauty in front of you? Absolutely nothing. You just have to bow to her sensuality, which definitely deserves a lot. A real natural spectacle, no question. At this moment he is in Tuscany, right in Forte dei Marmi, where he pulled the plug for a bit before getting back to work and focusing on the start of the new sporting season. Even if it is inevitably his costume that catches our attention, which absolutely cannot go unnoticed and deserves to be seen and reviewed several times. If you think we’re exaggerating, we urge you to stay here with us to review the content very carefully.

Giorgia Rossi, irrepressible costume: what forms – PHOTO

1655331246 934 Giorgia Rossi is the queen of the swimming pool theGiorgia Rossi (Screenshot Instagram Photo)

And here it is, brighter than ever. Also this time we will “disappoint” the next time. Something that has never happened and is unlikely to happen. We really have no words to describe all of its beauty that invades and captures us. The costume does not contain any extraordinary and decidedly spectacular shapes that cannot be commented on (in the good sense of the word). A physicist that needs no further explanation: just a show.

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