Gina Lollobrigida, who will the estate go to?  The cardiologist who treated her: «He said to me: I want to sell myself everything, m

Gina Lollobrigida, who will the estate go to? The cardiologist who treated her: «He said to me: I want to sell myself everything, m

«At the end of the visits, Gina Lollobrigida said to me more than once: «I want to sell everything, my son can’t have anything». Franz RuggieroThe cardiologist who treated the actress, who died last Monday at the age of 5, was heard as a witness in the courtroom in Rome in the trial in which the former assistant and factotum is accused. Andrew Piazzollawho was accused of evading incompetence in stealing assets from the actress’ fortune between 2013 and 2018. Plaintiff in the process, note d. Red.) was far away and not there to take care of her”.


Ruggiero met Lollobrigida about ten years ago when Piazzolla came to visit her after an illness. “Since then, I have continued to assist her once every 15 days and have been informed daily about her state of health. She later had a couple of heart failures and was hospitalized in 2017. It was always Piazzolla who accompanied her, her son and grandson came later to see her, but she didn’t want to tell them her state of health and I often had to mediate with them,” the doctor continued.

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Over the years, the cardiologist had become a friend of the Lollobrigida family, who invited him to birthdays and New Year’s Eve. “I remember that she didn’t value her son and grandson and she expressed it to me several times, also in a colorful way. With Piazzolla he had a cooperative relationship, also an emotional one, for her he was like an acquired nephew”. “The ‘target’ – concluded the doctor – was stubborn, but could absolutely understand and want.”

Who is the former assistant Piazzolla

«Andrea Piazzolla has taken Signora Lollobrigida to her heart. In fact, in recent years he has never gone on vacation, he was always with her, even at Christmas and Easter, because he told us that she was alone ». This is what Concetta Cinque said in the courtroom during the trial in Rome in which her son Andrea Piazzolla, former assistant and fact of the great actress who has disappeared in recent days, is accused of circumventing an incompetent person. “They met around 2011, Andrea replacing the character of the grandmother who recently lost with Ms Lollobrigida – added Cinque, who was taken as an assisted witness as she is being investigated in a similar money laundering case –. She was smitten with his composure and manners and took a liking to him.”

The transfer of 271 thousand euros

The witness then confirmed that she had received a transfer of 271,000 euros from Lollobrigida to her husband’s joint account. «She wanted to give Andrea, who didn’t have a checking account, a gift, so he asked us if he could credit us with this amount. My son told me that the lady gave him the money to pay off our mortgage and get her brother Luca to study. I called her to thank her and she said thank you Andrea for the love and affection he shows me.”