Gina Lollobrigida and Javier Rigau, the secret agreement before the wedding: «In case of cancellation he…

by Elvira Serra

The private agreement, signed in 2006 by the actress and the Spanish entrepreneur, stipulated that neither of them could request the transcription of the religious marriage (which was later annulled by the Sacra Rota) in the civil registers. But now he has come forward and made demands

Gina Lollobrigida and Javier Rigau announced that they would be married in New York in late November 2006. Mara Venier and Silvio Berlusconi were also invited to the ceremony. This wedding was never celebrated again, the media pressure was too strong and also the voices of people who were close to the Bersagliera, who asked her to rethink. She has never hidden her friendship with the Catalan businessman. And he only told Corriere della Sera in 2018: “I needed someone to be my knight under certain circumstances, and at the beginning he was a very pleasant and caring person.”

The contract was signed in 2006

Before that marriage that was never celebrated

However, on November 13, 2006 in Rome, before witnesses Cristina Garaffa and lawyers Giulia Citani and Alessio Colagreco, Rigau and Lollobrigida signed a private agreement, in which they signed a series of commitments in the event of a marriage. First, to celebrate the marriage “exclusively in a religious form, categorically and unequivocally not wanting civil law effects to result from it”. For this reason, they undertook “not to seek, jointly or individually, the registration of marriage at any registry office in any country or nation in the world”. They also pledged to “continue to keep their respective estates separate and separate.” Rigau also “freely and spontaneously” expressed the “will to keep her past and future private life secret, even in the event of a separation or annulment of the marriage”. In particular, the document states: “Mr. Xavier Rigau undertakes and undertakes not to use or exploit the image and person of Ms. Lollobrigida for commercial purposes and in any case not to be authorized in advance in writing by Ms. Lollobrigida herself”.

Rigau’s obligations

On that day in November 2006, Rigau undertook to maintain secrecy «also for the future», «even in the event of Ms Lollobrigida’s early death», and «even after a possible separation, divorce and/or annulment decision». disclose everything that happened after the church marriage and not publish any articles or books or use any other means of communication and dissemination”. Rigau, according to what was signed in the private agreement, accepted the fact that he had “no contact with the Press able to record with the media: He will not be able to publish any news, books, texts, biography or anything else that violates the privacy of his spouse sharing information, real life moments, etc. with third parties ». In order to ensure the commitments made, in the event of a violation, both (even Gina could not have published private moments or “confidential negative messages” on Rigau’s account) both had to immediately pay the partner a fine of two million euros. But first of all in point 9 of the private agreement states that in the event of the death of Mrs. L ollobrigida all signed commitments would remain “valid and effective”.

The Wedding Announcement (later cancelled)

After the contract was signed, Bersagliera was finally able to announce the upcoming wedding, which surprised everyone: she was 79 at the time, he was 45. There was also a date, November 29 in New York, all at the expense of the actress , he reminded the Corriere four years ago. It was announced a few days later in Rome after being postponed to January 27th. In early December, it was Rigau himself who said the wedding had been canceled due to media pressure. The couple walked away. In 2009 Andrea Piazzolla enters Gina Lollobrigida’s life, first as an assistant, then as a constant presence in her life until he becomes her “godchild”. He will learn that Rigau married the film star by proxy on November 29, 2011. Lollobrigida always denies having given his consent. In January 2019 comes the annulment of the marriage: it was Pope Francis himself who annulled the marriage “for non-existence,” making the provision final.

The agreement is always valid

If, however, a marriage then took place that was annulled, the commitments made in the deed signed in November 2006 in front of three witnesses remained valid, something Javier Rigau himself should remember well, since on his website where now a public copy of the marriage certificate entered in the Spanish civil registers, he had also shared the private agreement in which he undertook “not to apply jointly and severally for the transposition of the church marriage in a civil framework”. With these premises, it is not clear in what capacity the Spaniard was called to Rome for the death of the actress. And because in the burial chamber in the Capitol he is like a family member next to his son Milko Skofic and his nephew Dimitri since he has not been part of his mother’s life for sixteen years.

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