Gil do Vigor says calling gay is cruel and expects remorse from Nicácio  Splash

Gil do Vigor says calling gay is cruel and expects remorse from Nicácio Splash

Gil do Vigor, he said splash show the reason why BBB 23’s Fred Nicácio’s speech bothered him.

After Bruna Griphao and Larissa’s victory in Prova do Líder, Nicácio compared Bruno (Gaga) to Gil do Vigor, whom he described as a “caricature faggot”.

“It bothered me a lot at first because it wasn’t because he didn’t just say the word caricature, which in itself was offensive to me, to Bruno and, I think, all the other gay people,” he said.

You can be a scandalous fag and do whatever you want, but to call a gay man scandalous and to limit that person’s success, affection, love, affection and existence to one quality is utterly cruel.

The economist took a stance on social media against his brother’s cancellation, saying he expects remorse and apologies from him.

I hope that when he comes out he can verify what he said, understand and actually move on. I’m not in favor of canceling it and I don’t think it should be attacked. From the moment he apologizes, life will go on. Just as a trait doesn’t define me, a flaw doesn’t define you either.

Nicácio, calling the exBBB a “faggot cartoon” wasn’t the brother’s first speech to cause controversy in the first week of the programme. Cezar Black also said he was offended by the doctor’s comments about his job as a nurse.

Gil do Vigor believes Nicácio is living through the euphoria of reality’s first week and hopes he “finds better strategies to play”.

The economist also said he doesn’t mind becoming the subject of the most watched house in Brazil.

I was wrong and I was right at BBB. I don’t mind becoming an issue and commenting on my mistakes (…) that shows I haven’t been forgotten.

Fefito: Feminine fags and caricatures got Fred Nicácio where he is

Columnist Fefito opined that the struggle of the “cartoon fags” Dr. BBB 23’s Fred Nicácio to where he is today.

“The world is made up of different people and the fact that she’s an effeminate and caricatured fag isn’t a determining factor in underestimating her. Wimped and caricatured fags are smart, good professionals, good kids and parents,” he said.

Caricatured fags move the world so much that fags like Fred Nicácio and so many others have only their rights.

Fefito commemorated the Stonewall Rebellion that took place in New York in 1966 and that led to Gay Pride Day.

It was these gays who turned themselves in to the police in Stonewall, it was these gays who founded the first LGBT newspaper in Brazil, Lampião da Esquina, in the prime years, at the height of the dictatorship.

According to the columnist, the doctor’s statements on the reality show divide rather than unite LGBT people.

When Fred says that our environment is unfortunately made up of ridiculous fagots, he creates a division where there must be unity. The LGBT community is already under heavy attack from the outside.

Explosive? Why Bruna Griphao won’t stay at BBB 23

BBB 23’s early leaders Bruna Griphao and Larissa have had a few arguments and this splash show analyzes that the actress’s explosive behavior does everything it can to disrupt her in the game for an extended period of time.

I realize Bruna doesn’t have the psychology to be there. She is very emotional and lacks the rationality to see things calmly and strategize. Flavio Dantas, Dantinhas, reality show commentator

The disagreement between the two sisters began after Bruna stated that she intends to protect her lover, Gabriel Tavares, from the Wall. Larissa didn’t like the way the actress spoke, reminding her that in double leadership they have to make decisions together.

Everything Bruna said she wanted to do, she does the exact opposite. She started a couple and is passionate about protecting Gabriel. Dieguinho Schueng, specialist in reality shows and host of the Splash Show

Dantinhas added that he had doubts that fans of the series would tolerate Bruna’s behavior for much longer.

It’s only been five days and Bruna has already shown she’s a hurricane. I don’t know if the audience will bear to explode over anything.

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