1667470630 Gigi Proietti is buried in Voran two years after his

Gigi Proietti is buried in Vöran, two years after his death a new grave is built

His face, his voice, his art were the symbol of Rome and the city cannot forget it. Gigi Proietti is buried two years after his death in the Verano cemetery in a crypt that was newly built for him. The news comes after much controversy on the day of his death, celebrated with a love message from his daughter.


Gigi Proietti is buried in Voran two years after his

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“2 years. Don’t listen, it’s not true that after a while it hurts less. It will be the public part that sucked my soul, the more time goes by the more I miss you, I miss everything. And I’m afraid that time will take away parts of it, that my brain will automatically remove them to protect me,” writes Carlotta Proietti on social media.


The grave will be erected in an area regulated by the Capital City’s Historic Cemetery Regulatory Authority and today the AMA wanted to announce the news. “The cremation of the body was immediate and the burial process started immediately after his death. All the procedures take place in full and dutiful respect for the will of the Proietti family, who have chosen to keep the ashes of the deceased artist in custody pending the creation of a dedicated artefact (without foreseeing a temporary placement in the Verano cemetery). . , to be built from scratch, within the monumental cemetery », explains Ama. The Capitoline investment company then stated: “On May 12, 2022, Roma Capitale approved the architectural project of the building and the Capitoline Cemetery Directorate is awaiting the start of the work by the Proietti family. The tomb will be built at the choice of the heirs of the great actor in a specific area subject to the stipulations of the Superintendent of the Historical Roman Cemetery ».

The polemic

News of the construction of the new tomb for the actor, a timeless icon, comes after months of controversy over Proietti not being buried and a dispute between the family and the municipality responsible for cemetery services. It was said that the actor’s urn would be found “temporarily” in Umbria, in the Porchiano cemetery, where his parents, Romano and Giovanna, rest awaiting a grave that could celebrate him. Now the news that he will be buried in the area of ​​the monumental cemetery where are the tombs of famous artists and representatives of Italy, from the Garibaldi family to Goffredo Mameli.