Gigi D’Alessio’s daughter goes dancing with Denise, her father’s friend: they are the same age

Gigi D’Alessio’s daughter goes dancing with Denise, her father’s friend: they are the same age

Now the D’Alessio are one big extended family. The Neapolitan singer first spent the holidays in Sardinia with his new partner Denise Esposito, little Francesco, who was born to the couple’s love in February, and Andrea, the son of Anna Tatangelo, who is now 12 years old. The family was pinched by Chi at the villa in Porto Rotondo where Gigi has been summering for years, including during his relationship with Sora’s singer. D’Alessio splits between the fourth child and the little one of the house, without sacrificing attention and pampering from his partner, with whom he also indulged in a romantic boat trip.

Holidays for couples in Mykonos

After the family vacation, Gigi and his Denise must have treated themselves to a couple’s stay. Despite the big age difference, the love between the Neapolitan artist and the girl seems to be in full swing. She’s 30 and he’s 55, the couple seem more loving and complicit than ever on social media too. D’Alessio and Esposito made their way to Greece, more specifically to Mykonos. But even here, the two did not seem to be completely alone, as the Instagram stories tell us. Along with the couple also Ilaria, 30 years old, the only daughter of the singer, born from the first marriage with Carmela Barbato. Ilaria and Denise, who are both the same age, posted some stories from a well-known beach club in Mykonos last night. The two girls must have gone dancing together, Gigi D’Alessio with them. In the same place, a terrace overlooking the sea, the two girls, accompanied by the singer, posted a shot. Ilaria hugs her father while making the sign of victory and writes in support of the picture: “My summer escapades”, perhaps a wry world to say that she is single. The photo shared by Denise is more romantic, on the same terrace the girl exchanges a passionate kiss with the singer. A picture that Gigi then shared again. So, from the stories in tandem, it appears that Ilaria took the photo of the couple, while Denise is said to have immortalized the tender father-daughter moment.

Denise’s relationships with D’Alessio’s children

Eloquent signs of how everyone in this large extended family gets along in love and harmony. Despite her young age, Denise seems to have developed a good relationship with all of her partner’s children. Not only Andrea, the youngest with whom he shared holidays in Sardinia, but also LDA, third child of D’Alessio and Carmela Barbato. The girl had shared a video of the rapper’s performance with her father during the D’Alessio concert in Naples, accompanied by a small heart. Ilaria also seems to be doing great, perhaps thanks to the same age, to the delight of Gigi, who is living this new love with the blessings of all his children.