Gigi D’Alessio, first photo with his girlfriend Denise: what a dedication!

Gigi D’Alessio, first photo with his girlfriend Denise: what a dedication!


Almost a year after giving birth to his son Francesco, the Neapolitan singer came out with the new flame

Gigi DAlessio first photo with his girlfriend Denise what a

Published on August 9, 2022

Gigi D’Alessio madly in love. After maintaining his relationship with Denise Esposito The Neapolitan artist has decided not to hide anymore. Assisted by a trip to Mykonos where he will soon be giving a concert, the 55-year-old shared a shot on Instagram of him kissing his significant other, who was following him with his son Francisborn last January.

“Me, you and the moon,” Gigi D’Alessio wrote on his social profile, which accompanied the romantic photo with Denise Esposito. A shot that was immediately filled with likes and comments from famous and non-famous fans alike. Leaving a little heart to the new couple of such colleagues Ivan Granatino, Bianca Atzei, and Clementino.

Some users brought up Anna Tatangelo, Gigi D’Alessio’s historical ex-partner. But that relationship is dead and over: they both moved on. She with the young colleague Livio Cori, he with said Denise, with whom he immediately started a family within a few months.

In an interview some time ago, Gigi D’Alessio said that he was satisfied with his new life with Esposito who, despite his young age, has no desire to perform. Denise is not interested in the world of entertainment, and even on social networks, her posts and videos are rather sporadic.

Who is Denise Esposito?

Denise Esposito is 29 years old born and raised in Naples. Blonde, blue eyes, full lips, snub nose and a model body, she has always been a big fan of Gigi D’Alessio. Denise is not part of the entertainment world: she is studying law and her dream is to become a lawyer.

Dream is currently on standby to dedicate to little Francesco who was born in January 2022. For D’Alessio, this is the fifth child after: Claudio, Ilaria, Luca (better known as LDA)had by his ex-wife Carmela Barbato, e AndrewFruit of the long relationship with Anna Tatangelo.

Denise comes from a traditional and solid family: the his father Salvatore is a brigadier general with important tasks. The young woman has a brother who is more than three years old, to whom she is very attached. Gigi and Denise first met in the summer of 2020 during a show in Capri. A love at first sight, a physical and emotional understanding that has jumped over. That first acquaintances in the family.