Giants Training Camp, Week 1: 5 promoted and 3 fallen

Giants Training Camp, Week 1: 5 promoted and 3 fallen

“Let’s not be an instant evaluator.”

That was Saturday’s New York Giants coach Brian Daboll, who reminded us that four training camp sessions without pads isn’t enough to make confident player decisions.

But what fun is it outside if we’re not making stupid, hasty judgments? Or at least speculate a little? So let’s look at the promotions and relegations from the first week of the 2022 training camp. You actually witnessed three of the first four exercises, so this is mostly based on what I saw with my own eyes.


Darnay Holmes – Three interceptions by Daniel Jones in the first three practices. It’s clear Holmes understands what he’s seeing off offense and anticipates where Jones is going with the ball. Holmes also forced a Saquon Barkley fumble on Saturday.

Kadarius Toney – Every practice the 2021 first-round pick goes through is one more than last year’s training camp. He was productive in the early days, although it’s clear he and Jones aren’t always on the same page as they learn the team’s new offense. Also, and perhaps most importantly, Toney seems to be enjoying himself.

Elerson Smith – The sophomore lead was a factor in the pass rush. I’m excited to see if that continues when the pads come out this week. [One-on-one interview]

Richie James and CJ Board – I’m lumping these two together because they are similar as wide receivers/kick returners/special teamers. Both have made significant first-team snaps on offense, perhaps a sign they are favorites for the 53-man list.

Xavier McKinney – It’s pretty obvious McKinney is becoming the leader of the Giants defense on the field.


Gary Brightwell – The 2021 sixth-round pick has had few options so far.

Devery Hamilton – Maybe that’s not fair because Hamilton’s chances of making the team have always been virtually non-existent. However, a steady stream of pass rushers has rushed toward Hamilton from his left tackle spot.

backup centers – The Giants have three options on the list – Ben Bredeson, Max Garcia and Jamil Douglas. None have shown a consistent ability to complete the task of executing a buckshot. Daboll was so frustrated with the play at center on Saturday that he moved Shane Lemieux to center while rookie Joshua Ezeudu slipped in as left guard.