Gianni Morandi, do you remember your daughter Marianna, ex of Biagio Antonacci?  That’s how it was

Gianni Morandi, do you remember your daughter Marianna, ex of Biagio Antonacci? That’s how it was

Do you remember Gianni Morandi’s daughter Marianna, former partner of singer Biagio Antonacci? That’s what happened today.

Between two artists of the caliber of Gianni Morandi and Biagio Antonacci there is a very strong bond that perhaps not everyone will know. In fact, the Romagna artist’s daughter Marianna was linked to Iris’ interpreter for several years and the two were born with two beautiful children: Paolo and Giovanni. The woman is the result of the union of the national Gianni with his first wife Laura Efrikian. His history with Antonacci has never seen the seal of marriage, as the singer has always expressed that he doesn’t particularly care about traditional family “canons.”

The two met in the early ’90s and in 1995 Paolo was born, the eldest son and now a writer and record producer who has been collaborating continuously for years with artists of the caliber of Fedez and his father himself. The second son, Giovanni, who takes his maternal grandfather’s name, has recently recorded a single and is a gifted radio announcer. And instead Marianna? Did you start a new life after separating from Antonacci, who has been in a steady relationship with Paola Cardinale for years and has also become a father again? And what are you doing today?

Gianni Morandi: what happened to your daughter Marianna?

Born in 1969, Gianni Morandi’s daughter, Marianna is 53 years old and hasn’t changed much since we met her when she was only twenty. After some experience as an actress and the relationship with Biagio Antonacci, the curtain fell on her and very little is known. In fact, she has always shown herself to be very reserved and strives to keep her image away from scandals and gossip. In fact, it is not known whether she found love again after the intense relationship with the father of her sons Paolo and Giovanni.

Gianni Morandi do you remember your daughter Marianna ex of

Her two children are the most important thing to her and you can see that in the many posts that she often dedicates to him on Instagram. He also has two cats, Napoleon and Margot, to whom he devotes most of his time and attention. However, his work has changed and has nothing to do with spotlights and cameras, unlike his father who was very flamboyant and shortly thereafter co-hosted the Sanremo 2023 festival alongside Amadeus. In fact, Marianna takes care of her communication agency in Bologna, Joydis. He has very clear ideas; In fact, he decided to only let women support him on his team.

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