Giacomo Celentano how is the son of Adriano and Claudia

Giacomo Celentano, how is the son of Adriano and Claudia Mori | The Disease That Struck Him SoloCine SoloCine

Giacomo Celentano, son of Claudia Mori and the legendary Adriano, in one of his recent interviews, spoke about some of the background of his life, including an illness that has plagued him but which he has since overcome. He told it during a nice TV interview.

songwriter and author, Giacomoa child of art, he has been immersed in culture since childhood, so much so that he has made music first a passion and then a profession alongside writing.

the complicated time of Giacomo CelentanoGiacomo Celentano

Born in November 1966, the only son of Molleilato and von Claudia Mori. After graduating from the Liceo Scientifico, the 23-year-old decided to try the difficult world of music to immediately achieve good results that have never satisfied him and led to the desired success. And all this caused him to suffer greatly.

The disease and the exit from the tunnel

Unfortunately, his songwriting career has come to a halt due to a difficult period in his life. Indeed, as he recounted on an episode of Italian Stories, a show hosted by the good girl Eleanor Daniele, suffered from depression in the past. Fortunately, the man was able to overcome this moment, which no one wants to live in the course of his life, also thanks to his great faith, which never really deserted him.

Faith is a great gift, like his wife Katia

James is actually very devoted to the point of defining religion as a great gift. He would also have considered becoming a priest when he was little more than a boy. Despite this, he decided to start a family and in 2002 he married his soul mate whose name is Katya. As is the case with all couples, the two have had ups and downs, but they have always overcome them thanks to love but also to the faith that they both live very intensely. Giacomo also talked about the decision made together with his better half respect premarital chastity.

the complicated time of Giacomo CelentanoGiacomo Celentano with his wife Katia

Besides music, Giacomo has also dabbled in music write a few books. Among his publications you will find “The light behind the darkness – My journey of faith to overcome the depression”, edited by Piemme Incontri, in which he describes the path he followed in a difficult period of his life, which he – precisely thanks to religion and all others – has overcome his credo which has made him stronger and less vulnerable, as well as able to overcome the many obstacles that life often throws at us. also against ourselves.

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