GFVip, Giovanni Ciacci exposes two competitors: “They asked me to fake a flirt in the house”

GFVip, Giovanni Ciacci exposes two competitors: “They asked me to fake a flirt in the house”

John Ciacci after they are removed Big Brother VIP as a disciplinary measure, he decided to expose two competitors. Ciacci was one of the first competitors announced by Signorini, but also one of the first to leave in connection with what happened to Marco Bellavia. Accused of bullying along with other tenants of the home, he was eliminated and banned from the program.

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victim of bullying

A decision that also affected his private life, since Giovanni explained how he himself was a victim of bullying and even received insults on Grindr, also releasing the screens as testimonies. His condition doesn’t seem to be improving and he’s talking about it again: “I’ve had bad thoughts. The analyzes fail, I’m sick, I can’t sleep, I have panic attacks, I go to a psychiatrist. My situation is very delicate. Why do I have to pay such a high price? I didn’t hurt anyone.”

The confession about the Gf

Ciacci then decided to tell his truth and spilled the beans on two competitors who are apparently still on the show. Two men asked him to fake a relationship: “Two competitors even asked me to fake a flirt to get visibility, but I’m not one for fake stories. Apart from Carolina Marconi, Patrizia Rossetti and Luca Salatino, the others considered me privileged. As if being HIV positive is an advantage. Worst bad things you received on social media months ago? This excitement was caused by accounts bought on social networks. But I’ll find out who’s behind it.”

Last updated: Wednesday 18 January 2023 15:14