GF Vip, Tavassi and Donnamaria mock Oriana / Bufera on social media: "You disgust me"

GF Vip, Tavassi and Donnamaria mock Oriana / Bufera on social media: "You disgust me"

GF Vip 2022, Tavassi throws cigarette ash into Oriana Marzoli’s cup

To the Big Brother VIP 2022 the overwhelming sympathy and ironic verve of Edward Tavassi They made him so popular with the general public that he was even the televote favorite on one episode. In the Casa di Cinecittà he wove a flirtation with Micol Incorvaia that still lasts between ups and downs. And above all, he was the protagonist of numerous funny moments Celebrations, games and jokes to the roommates. However, what has happened in the last few hours has left a stale aftertaste for many viewers.

As a shows video circulating on the webIn fact, Tavassi, Donnamaria, Oriana and other housemates can be seen in the kitchen anxious to have a glass of wine. At one point, Tavassi himself can be seen approaching the Venezuelan influencer’s cup and stealthily throw in cigarette ash. “I threw in the cigarette,” he burst into her ear a few seconds later Don Maria who, after Oriana left the scene, unknowingly continued drinking her wine, commented with amusement: “They also drink this cigarette“.

Tavassi and the gesture against Oriana Marzoli: people on the internet are angry

Edward Tavassi was often the creative mind of numerous games and pranks in Big Brother Vip House 2022, however he did behind Oriana Marzoli the public didn’t like it at all. On the net, numerous users criticized the competitor’s gesture, to the laughter of Edoardo Donnamaria: “You disgust me a lot“. The video circulated on Twitter, numerous users shared it and criticized it sharply: “Lately I don’t like some of Oriana’s attitudes, but these two are really embarrassing”.

And there are The bullying hypothesis is put forwardnot only for that questionable joke by Tavassi, but for other repeated takes the housemates would have against Oriana: “Wilma wanted Oriana to fall. Tavassi put the ashes in her glass. Edoardo and Antonella said he could do porn. Nobody deserves that. Let’s all stop this bullying.” A case that will inevitably continue to be discussed and could soon be featured in an episode of Big Brother Vip 2022.