GF Vip, Orietta Berti thunders on Ciacci: the case and the unpublished backgrounds

GF Vip, Orietta Berti thunders on Ciacci: the case and the unpublished backgrounds

Big brother VIP

Now another truth is emerging about what happened on the train in 1999 where the famous singer’s clothes were lost

GF Vip Orietta Berti thunders on Ciacci the case and

Published on August 18, 2022

Little is missing at the beginning Big Brother VIP 7 and there are already some disagreements in the air that need to be resolved. Especially the one in between Orietta Berti and Giovanni Ciacci. She, who will be the new commentator alongside Sonia Bruganelli, and the first official participant of the new edition already know each other. The famous singer had publicized a misadventure related to the past that Ciacci sees as the protagonist. Today, ThePipolTv reveals unreleased background on the incident, which dates back to 1999. 23 years ago, Orietta took part in the Sanremo Festival but was deprived of her clothes, meticulously chosen to enter the famous Ariston stage.

The clothes had to arrive in Sanremo by train on the Rome/Nice route. But they never reached their destination. Ciacci should have taken care of the delivery himself. A few days ago, a few weeks after launch GF VIP 7, Berti openly accused the costume designer, for which Alfonso Signorini had to change the rules of the reality show because he is HIV positive. “I have a score to settle with Ciacci,” said the future commentator on the Canale 5 show in recent days.

In detail, he confessed that he did not have a good memory of the costume designer precisely because of this incident. “He was supposed to bring my clothes to Sanremo, but he lost them on the train. It hurt me! “. Here it is now another truth about the Berti-Ciacci case which dates back to 1999. Well, it seems that it wasn’t Giovanni’s fault, Rai’s costume designer at the time, if the clothes didn’t reach their destination in the singer’s hands.

“Poor Ciacci was the victim of a real theft that took place at night on the train going to Sanremo. Ciacci and Don Lurio, victims of a theft and fell asleep with a spray, then robbed. That’s the truth”

So Giovanni Ciacci would have suffered a theft during “that unfortunate and accursed journey”. In addition, not only Berti’s clothes were lost, but also those of Anna Marchesini, who was a guest at the Sanremo Festival. The costume designer has the opportunity to use the cameras of the Cinecittà house to tell how it really went.

“Emotions are heating up” and so the audience can now wait for a nice confrontation between commentator and competitor. Alfonso SignoriniMeanwhile, he prepares his own to water aware of the fact that Mediaset is heavily focused on its reality show.

Just the fact that an HIV-positive person will enter the house can attract a lot of attention. The costume designer will have the opportunity to tell his story for the first time on television, raising awareness of the subject among Canale 5 audiences.