1672701687 Gf Vip live on January 2nd Patrizia Rossetti leaves the

Gf Vip, live on January 2nd: Patrizia Rossetti leaves the game

New Year’s frictions. There is a love and friendship crisis in Big Brother Vip’s house, the house is officially divided. Tonight, during the live broadcast on Monday January 2nd, Alfonso Signorini, together with the Vipponi, will tell what has happened these days and how the situation is at the moment, for example between Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria.

GF Vip, the live broadcast on Monday January 2nd on Leggo.it

11:53 p.m. Surprise for Sarah Altobelli

23.43 Soleil in apparent difficulty for the first time

23:38 Soleil: «There is no point in interrupting me, you are fed up with this little game you play in every reality show, you are a manipulator». Luca: “It was 2017, I was in the house and she betrays me, I accept the matter and forget her completely and never mentioned her again, instead she keeps talking about me”

23.32 Onestini in the studio for personal comparison with Soleil. Luca: “I don’t understand why you always talk bad about me,” Soleil: “I don’t think I’m that indifferent to you. In the meantime, dear, don’t call me, but call me Liana, so that I’ I gave you the opportunity to show up» Luca «But I’m in front of you, how did I get here for you»

23.20 One side is now blamed by Luca Onestini. For Spinalbesen “Di Onesto only has the surname”

23.11 It’s time for the final decision, Patrizia: “I’m walking Alfonso, I don’t feel right, even while I’m talking I’m in pain, maybe it’s silly, but I want to understand what’s going on.” Signorini: “We have to be careful because Covid leaves its consequences and it is right that Patrizia carries out her controls”

10:58 p.m. Patrizia wants to leave the game: “I don’t want to worry anyone, but I haven’t been feeling well for 15 days. I did the tests, everything seems fine, but maybe I have an infection, maybe because of the Covid. I’m not active anymore, I haven’t slept for three nights because I can’t find jobs, if I’m still there I’m not fine, moving is the same. I don’t think it’s psychological, I’ve had moments where I’ve spoken to the psychologist because I’ve had breakdowns, but now it’s just a physical discomfort, I’ve tried taking pills for a week. Signorini «You are a great protagonist, but faced with ailments and health problems, I take a step back. Getting off that train is a sin, I’m not just saying it for us, I was going to suggest that you take a week off, but if you don’t feel like it I don’t want to insist, but promise me you’ll think about it? There’s no pub warmer here, and even if you’re a nuisance you hear it like applause?”

Gf Vip, Antonino Spinalbese in connection with the «I do not give up!» hospital. That’s the way it is

22.46 Clip about the dispute between Patrizia and Wilma

10:42 p.m. Televoting result: The first rescued Vippona is Oriana, followed by Nikita

22.32 Edoardo tries to speak, but is repeatedly interrupted by Antonella: “Antonella played stupid with Antonino, Andrea, Daniele in front of me”. Signorini asks both if there is a future. Edoardo is more optimistic “Until he admits he was wrong, I can’t go on”. Antonella becomes clearer: “For me it’s no”

22.28 Edoardo reiterates that what he said is not against Antonella but against Antonella’s behavior “An attitude of this kind makes me vomit”. In reality, only the one on Edoardo can be seen. Antonella: «He ignored me all day and in the evening at 4 in the morning and wanted to tickle me. The night comes with me and because his friends haven’t seen him”

10:25 p.m. Edoardo: “I was hoping that when Antonella saw a clip, she would realize that she was wrong about at least one thing, not everything, and apologize to me”. Signorini calls the Donnalisis into mystery to show the worst moments of both and condemns Donnamaria’s bad words without appeal. “I don’t even want to see these things at four in the morning, and not even with two glasses anymore.”

10:23 pm Antonella «I felt alone in a difficult moment. He hooked up with people I’ve argued with and got duped. Is it normal that she (Oriana ed.) touches his gun and he laughs?. I don’t want a man like that. It’s over for me.”

22.20 New clip about the dispute between Antonella and Edoardo, slightly unbalanced and in favor of Fiordelisi

22.17 Donnamaria says she hasn’t spoken to Antonella for several days and reveals: “She wrote me a note asking me not to get in the way.”

22.10 For Tavassi Antonella “pollutes the environment”: “Remember the dementors from Harry Potter? It reminds me of her because when I get close I get scared.

22.04 The Donnalisi crisis, Antonella shed many tears for Signorini, Donnamaria replies Antonella shed many tears, I have a hard time remembering a day when I had such a good time here

01/22 Televoting closed

21.59 The house is now divided between the Spartans (Murgia, Onestini, Tavassi, Donnamaria, Micole, Giaele and Oriana) and the Persians

21.56 First clip with New Year’s kisses under the mistletoe.

21:54 Televoting still open for Nikita Pelizon, Oriana Marzoli, Sarah Altobello and Wilma Goich. Link to the hospital where Antonino Spinalbese is, who went out for New Year’s Eve due to a health problem «I had a great time, I took a break from the Casa. I made some dynamic with the nurses (jokes)

21.51 Also for this episode with Orietta Berti there is Pierpaolo Pretelli and then there is also Soleil Sorge. Sonia Bruganelli will return in the next episode

21.49 “New year and great desire for a new beginning”, Alfonso SIgnorini enters the studio for this first episode of the year

21.46 The progress of Alfonso Signorini of the twenty-sixth episode of Big Brother Vip

Gf Vip, Alberto De Pisis’ declaration of love to Edoardo: Donnamaria speechless. What did he reveal

Gf Vip live on January 2nd Patrizia Rossetti leaves theGf Vip, live on January 2nd: New crisis between Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria. Friendship at the end point between Wilma and Patrizia


In the house of Big Brother Vip, late 2022 and early 2023 passed between turbulence and real earthquakes. Quarrels in particular are now the order of the day: the couple Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria is (temporarily? Because they have been talking again in the last few hours) and the friendship between Wilma Goich and Patrizia Rossetti is also torn at the end of the line.

A nice surprise awaits Sarah Altobello.

Finally, the verdict of the televoting: who has to leave the house between Nikita Pelizon, Oriana Marzoli, Sarah Altobello and Wilma Goich?

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