Gf Vip, Jane Alexander reveals: ‘The reality show destroyed me"

Gf Vip, Jane Alexander reveals: ‘The reality show destroyed me"

After a twenty-year acting career, her fictional character is unforgettable Elisha of Rivombrosato the Jan Alexander The doors of reality shows have opened. Among the undisputed protagonists of the third edition of Gf Vip, the British actress and presenter is still known for her flirtation with the former Velino Elijah Fongaro.

Jan Alexander

In an interview with the weekly newspaper Diva e Donna, the former Vippo told a little more about his adventure in the Cinecittà house:

Everyone should do this at least once in their life!

The only place in the world where you are not in the world. Protected from all the problems and annoyances that are out there, from the sick dog to the bill. There is only time to think.

The profession of Jan Alexander However, he suffered a sudden stop:

Except that it destroyed me as an actress because I didn’t work for two years. For the rest I would come back in a heartbeat tomorrow.

About the wickedness suffered in the house, Jan Alexander he said:

I wouldn’t call it meanness, but I was disappointed to find that the people I connected with were completely different out there. The fact is, there are those who come with a plan, a goal, a clear vision. I had no idea.

The actress then revealed the reason why she agreed to take part in the Gf Vip:

It intrigued me as a social experiment and mostly because they paid me. Anyone who tells you otherwise, don’t believe it, tell lies.

When flirting with Elijah Fongaro:

I’ve lost my mind I needed something that was given to me there.

Jan Alexander she is never a hypocrite. When you lose your mind, you just follow your instincts and make mistakes. I realized that when you lose your mind, you shouldn’t do anything. Remain still, immobile.

Jan Alexander has not kept in touch with the former Vippone:

I don’t feel it anymore I don’t want to talk about him, he’s not interesting.

The former Gf Vip 3 competitor said she has managed to overcome her alcohol addiction, having not touched a glass of wine in three years despite being aware of how hard she is trying to control herself. After leaving the reality show, she grew closer to her historical partner Gianmarco Amicarelli with whom he has been a couple for many years.