1664756227 Gf vip Fabio Testi disgraced quotAs a field todayquotdesperate appeal

Gf vip, Fabio Testi disgraced: "As a field today"desperate appeal

Gf vip Fabio Testi disgraced quotAs a field todayquotdesperate appeal

Fabio Testi, at the age of 81 and after a long career as an actor in Italian cinema, he has to live with one pension of 1,100 euros per month. “Nowadays we only talk about me for flirting, but the truth is that I’ve done more than a hundred films.” In an interview with La Nuova Sardegna, Testi confessed and said he would return to Big Brother VIP in a heartbeat.

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“Obviously it’s nice to be in touch with people 24 hours a day,” the actor said. “You immediately forget about the cameras and reality comes out and with it who the person is. I like to show myself as I am. I’ve done a hundred and more movies and reality shows, but lately we’ve only been talking about me some flirts with famous women (Ursula Andress, Charlotte Rampling, Anita Ekberg, Brooke Shields, Edwige Fenech, ed.) It’s normal for an actor to have affairs with actresses, but to be honest it’s remembered at my mature age because my past as a playboy seems ridiculous to me.” And the former competitor of Gf vip launched an appeal to VeroTV Alfonso Signorini: “I would be willing to do it again. It was a fun experience.”

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However, Testi is aware that it was nevertheless a “privilege”: I must say I was lucky because I lived the most beautiful moment of Italian cinema. From the seventies to the nineties. I found myself in the right place at the right time. I am happy to have participated in a great industry in our country.