Gf Vip, Delia Duran So ‘Forgotten’: The New Flame Is A Former Gieffina

Gf Vip, Delia Duran So ‘Forgotten’: The New Flame Is A Former Gieffina

GF Vip, Delia Duran 'forget' like this: The new flame is a former Gieffina

Would Delia Duran have been ‘forgotten’ by Alex Belli? And with which ex-Gieffina? Or is it someone else?

Delia Duran participated in this latest edition of GF VIP after the disqualification of Alex Belli because he violated social distancing by hugging his wife. The pair made headlines for all six months of the reality show Canale Cinque and even after, both for their relationship tumbling on the rocks and for the special bond between the actor and Soleil Sorge. But what we need to emphasize is an episode that happened before Delia Duran entered the house.

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The most observant will surely remember that the Venezuelan model was once a paparazzi in intimate relationships with another man with whom he also shared a few kisses. However, Alex Belli had never believed in this story and this alleged flirtation. On the contrary, he had stated that he felt it was “fake gossip” orchestrated by Delia to make him “jealous.” But to focus on the guy Delia was paparazzi with, he says Marco Cuozzo. And in the last few hours he’s returned to the gossip center for a new relationship.

Gf Vip, Marco Cuozzo, caught with another former Gieffina

After ending his alleged relationship with Delia Duran, Marco Cuozzo has been arrested in recent days in intimate settings with another ex Gieffina. This is Erica Piemonte who participated in the Gf in the sixteenth edition. They were caught by Novella 2000, who writes as follows, as reported by Isa and Chia:

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The two shared a kiss on the streets of Milan, probably on the fringes of a fiery date. The love between the two, young as it may be, seems to be enduring. Those who know her intimately have told us about her fresh wedding plans. Whether it’s just the enthusiasm of the first hour that makes them fantasize or whether they really mean it, we don’t know.

According to the latest rumours, the two are therefore a couple and are thinking about getting married. For now, however, these are leaks and there is nothing that has been confirmed by those directly involved. In fact, neither of the two appeared together on social networks.