Gf Vip, Carlo Cuozzo was caught kissing another ex Gieffina

Gf Vip, Carlo Cuozzo was caught kissing another ex Gieffina

Carlo Cuozzoformer flame of Delia DuranShe was paparazzi in the company of a former Gieffina. We met him a few months ago due to an alleged flirtation with him Delia Duran. It had been the boy Paparazzi in intimate settings with the wife of Alex Bellibut the latter never believed this story. Alex actually always thought so delia had tricked those paparazzi to make him jealous.

Now the streets of Cuozzo and delia They broke up and it seems that he is busy with another face that can already be seen on Mediaset networks. It’s about Eric PiamonteCompetitor of the sixteenth edition of Big Brother.

Eric Piamonte

Summarizing them was the 2000 weekly novella:

The two shared a kiss on the streets of Milan, probably on the fringes of a fiery date.

The love between the two, young as it may be, seems to be enduring. Those who know her intimately have told us about her fresh wedding plans. Whether it’s just the enthusiasm of the first hour that makes them fantasize or whether they really mean it, we don’t know. But with the determination they have shown on other occasions, who would dare stop them?

Carlo Cuozzo and Erica Pia moments

According to the latest rumours, the two are even thinking of getting married. For now though heather and Karl They have never appeared on social media together.