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Gf Vip 7, two bomb names arrive at the house: they will be guests!

The bomb dropped by Gabriele Parpiglia at Casa Pipol dates from a few minutes ago: a beloved ex Vippona will return to Casa del Gf Vip! Along with her, two ex-boyfriends of two competitors of the current edition of Alfonso Signorini’s reality show.

We’re talking about Jessica Selassiè, winner of the Gf Vip 6, Matteo Diamante and… listen, listen… Chiara Rabbi!

Here’s what the journalist told exclusively through the Instagram page of his online program:

New entries to Big Brother are expected from February, but they won’t be competitors. You will be guests. It will take weeks. Among these we can name two names, there will be the probable return of Jessica Selassie. Matteo Diamante was asked to enter. We give these names exclusively to Casa Pipol. It is said that Chiara (Rabbi, ed.), who I repeat as I said the other time, was waiting for an answer to play the Tronista for men and women, cannot also be one of these performances.

A few seconds ago, however, Investigatore Social would have reported a different name, that of Clarissa and not Jessica Selassie. We just have to wait for the next episodes to solve the mystery!