Gf Vip 7 the calm has returned between Giulia Salemi

Gf Vip 7, the calm has returned between Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli

The February 20 evening episode of Big Brother Vip began with good news. As a matter of fact, Julia Salem announced that she has repaired the relationship with her boyfriend Pier Paolo Pretelli.

The beloved couple’s crisis was only shared with the public last week during another episode of the reality show. On this occasion, the tearful influencer shared his difficult period of love with his fans (READ HERE). Also Pierpaolo had shared his feelings with a message shared on his Twitter account (READ HERE).

Later he had interfered in the love affair Alfonso Signorini, who shared a video of the two former Gieffini looking to chat. The conductor had given the fans hope that the two of them could get closer (READ HERE).

Now the expectations of the couple’s followers seem to have been fulfilled.

Indeed a direct question from Alfonso: “How are you? Your heart is beating?”, Julia he answered clearly: “Father Alfonso did his work to make the heart beat”.

The presenter of GF VIP He then made Prelemi’s return official: “I’m happy, they made peace, I really love you. you guys really need to be together I told you not being together would be a kick against fate. You two are beautiful, love you.”