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Gf Vip 7, Stefano Sirena’s reaction to the entry of Luciano Punzo

Stefano Sirena’s reaction to Luciano Punzo’s entry into the Casa del Gf Vip

Tonight a new episode of Gf Vip 7, the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signoriniwhich promises to be full of surprises and twists.

In fact, during today’s live broadcast, six new Vipponi will enter the Cinecittà’s loft, ready to wreak havoc in the house and upset the already precarious balance established between the reality show’s competitors.

Among those who will walk through the red door of Gf Vip this evening is the former tempter Luciano Punzocurrently linked Manuela carrierex girlfriend of Stephen Sirenawith which he took part in the organized by docu reality Filippo Bisciglia.

Luciano and Manuela They met on Temptation Island and grew closer until they finally decided to leave the program together. From that moment on, the two are paired between ups and downs: In fact, the couple experienced a serious crisis this summerThey returned shortly after due to the lack of each other.

Since the beginning of its history, there has been no lack of excavations Stephen Sirena To the two: the ex-boyfriend of ManuelaIn fact, he never believed in their bond and kept poking fun at their relationship and the way they lived it, often posting particularly romantic videos and photos.

Even now this Luciano is ready to enter the house, Stefan did not shy away from the excavations at the former tempter. Actually this morning siren has published on its social networks a story with the song La Ballad by Fantozzi and the words “Si ricomincia, clowns without end” with the emoji of the circus tent and the clown.

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