GF VIP 7 sensational hit Stefano De Martino had a

GF VIP 7, sensational hit: Stefano De Martino had a flirtation with a Vippona, how will Belen react?

GF VIP 7, sensational hit: Stefano De Martino had a flirtation with a Vippona, how will Belen react?

Last hour scoop: Stefano De Martino, husband of Belen Rodriguez, has had a flirtation in the past with a competitor of the current issue of Big Brother Vip. who is it about could it be true

Let’s start the autumn month with a succulent scoop fresh of the day. According to some juicy rumours Stefano de Martinoestablished conductor and historical life partner of Belen RodriguezHe would have had an affair with a competitor in the past GF VIP 7. Can you imagine who that is? Let’s find out together.

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Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino They experience an exciting new chapter in their turbulent but invincible love story. The two have been a couple for a few months now and seem stronger and more in love than ever. Returning to the surface of this alleged flirt Could the past upset the newfound balance? How will the Argentinian showgirl react if she isn’t already aware of it? Not to mention that just being there was enough Antonino spinal broom in the most spied house in Italy, so they don’t jump for joy. The young competitor is indeed thatBelen’s ex-boyfriendand the father of the presenter’s second child, Luna Mari. Now we are sure that there is television in the house on Monday and Thursday evenings Rodriguez it doesn’t happen.

But let’s come back Stefano de Martino. Who is the Vippona with whom the former Amici dancer has developed more than just friendship in the past?

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GF VIP 7, Stefano De Martino discovered: He was having an affair with a Vippona

It was the ace that fell Alessandro RosikaPaparazzi and gossip expert known on Instagram with the Social Investigator account. Stefano De Martino would have had a volatile relationship about a year ago Antonella Fiordelisiformer swordsman and current competitor of the GF VIP 7.

The handsome Neapolitan has been courting the Gieffina “for a few months”. Antonella Fiordelisiwho eventually succumbed to temptation. there participation super low key, “very fiery,” she was there between mid-2021 and early this year. However, in the end, after forming a very sweet relationship, they decide to move away.

Rosica added that the two get along well to this day De MartinoAlthough he does not follow the busty 24-year-old on any social network, he would also have sent her his best wishes for the upcoming trip to the Cinecittà house. The two would have done whatever was necessary at the appropriate time to keep their liaison confidential and away from the prying targets of the paparazzi and the US gossip.

If all of this were true, how did he take it? Belen Rodriguez, known for her passionate character and pronounced jealousy? And guess it’s not here! In the sentimental past of Fiordelisi there is not only Francesco Chiofalo. When she was just over 18, the influencer had a brief relationship with Ignacio Moserfriend of Cecilia Rodriguez and thus brother-in-law of Stefano de Martino. When we say “everything in the family”!

Alfonso Signoriniconductor of reality show out channel 5, will you decide to deepen this special friendship between Antonella Fiordelisi and the presenter of Tonight is everything possible? Who knows if the former Temptation Island seductress will confirm at this point or not…